Compact Cassette Split Systems


Features (Common features)

Image of 2-stage turbo fan

2-stage turbo fan

High efficiency design by 2 stage structure

Previous turbo fan

In the case of a conventional fan, the air outlet range was narrow as the airflow moved to the motor side which meant the velocity of air passing through the heat exchanger was uneven.

2-stage turbo fan

A evenly spread air distribution across the heat exchanger is possible due to the new 2 stage turbo fan which produces two separate airflow streams.

Quiet quality

Optimization of wing form (laminar wing type) and wing number (7 blades each)

Image of Designed by CFD-analysis (fluid) simulations

Image of Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

[1] Maintenance of fan motor and fan

Maintenance of the fan motor and fan can be done easily after taking off the panel as the bell mouth of the fan can be removed easily.

[2] Long life filter

: standard equipment

[3] Adaptation of transparent drainage parts

During installation, maintenance and operation, the drain pump and kit can be checked easily.

Compact design

Worlds first 24,000Btu model in the compact cassette category

(Easy installation by taking off ceiling panel of 600 x 600 size)

Image of Compact design

Image of High lift drain pump

High lift drain pump

Low ambient operation

Cooling : 46°C ~ -10°C

Heating : 24°C ~ -15°C

Image of Low ambient operation

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