Green Procurement Fujitsu Group Member Companies

The following policies are applied to all Fujitsu Group ; “Fujitsu Group Green Procurement Direction”

No. Formal company name
01 Fujitsu Limited
02 Fujitsu Isotec Limited
03 Fujitsu IT Products Limited
04 Fujitsu I-Network Systems Limited
05 Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
06 Fujitsu Advanced Engineering Limited
07 Fujitsu CoWorCo Limited
08 Fujitsu Component Limited
09 Shinano Fujitsu Limited
10 Fujitsu General Limited
11 Transtron Inc.
12 Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited
13 Fujitsu Marketing Limited
14 PFU Limited
15 Fujitsu Frontech Limited
16 Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
17 Fujitsu Client Computing Limited
18 Fujitsu Computer Products of Vietnam, Inc.

Fujitsu Group members may vary in the future.