AIRSTAGE™ VRF Systems J-III Series

System overview

Greater energy efficiency

Heat pump inverter control achieves efficient cooling and heating operation in any combination of indoor units.

Flexible system configuration for small- and medium-sized buildings

The space-saving design and long piping connection enable flexible installation on the roof or balcony of a small or medium-sized building.

Multiple indoor units of various capacities and types can be connected.



Outstanding efficiency in real-world operating conditions

The use of a large heat exchanger and a highly efficient DC twin compressor achieves the best-in-class COP in all models.

High EER*1 and COP*2 Energy Efficiency Ratio

3 phase

Energy Efficiency Ratio
Coefficient of Performance

Single phase

Advanced technologies for high efficiency

Large propeller fan

A large propeller fan with an optimized blade angle achieves both high performance and low-noise operation.

DC inverter control

The use of a new active filter module improves efficiency.

DC fan motor

A small, multi-stage DC fan motor contributes to highly efficient, low noise operation.

Large heat exchanger

The use of a large 3-row heat exchanger substantially improves heat-exchanging performance.

Subcooling heat exchanger

The use of a dual-tube heat exchanger improves cooling performance.

DC twin-rotary compressor

High efficiency is achieved across compressor loads. Particularly high efficiency is gained in the low- to medium-load range.

Long piping length

Our advanced refrigerant control technology extends the maximum allowable length of refrigerant piping to 180 m. This provides greater flexibility in system design.

Nonstop operation during oil recovery

The air conditioner maintains uninterrupted cooling or heating operation during oil-recovery mode and keeps the room comfortable.

Easy installation

Confirmation of correct connection
Correct wiring connection and address settings can be confirmed by running a quick check.
  • Displays the number of each connected indoor unit.
  • Displays a duplicate address number assigned to an indoor unit.