Simple Remote Controller UTY-RSNYM


Max. number of controllable units :
16 indoor units
Download :


Compact remote controller with basic functionality

  • Up to 16 indoor units can be controlled with one remote controller.
  • Suitable for hotels or offices as it is easily operated with no complex functions.
  • Backlit screen for easy operation in the dark.
  • Polar 3-core type

Easy-to-use operation

  • Enables basic control of an indoor unit, such as ON/OFF, fan speed, operation mode select, and room temperature setting.
  • A large ON/OFF button is located in the middle for quick access.
  • Works with other individual control units.
  • When something goes wrong, an error indicator will appear, and diagnostics can be performed with the remote controller.


Model Name UTY-RSNYM
Power Supply 12 V DC
Net Dimensions Height 120 mm
Width 75 mm
Depth 19.4 mm
Net Weight 120 g
12 V DC supplied by an indoor unit