Split Systems Wall Mount Designer Series (High COP)


230 V single phase


Thin and slim design

A large movable front panel and a high-density, multi-path heat exchanger

The slim and stylish design of this indoor unit is realized by a Ø5-mm heat exchanger and a high-efficiency wind blower.

Powerful operation

3-mode timer (Weekly/Program/Sleep)

Low ambient operation

Weekly timer can be set with a Wireless Remote Controller. Up to 4 sets of on/off times can be set per day and up to 28 sets a week. The program timer and sleep timer functions can be selected at the touch of a button.

10ºC heating operation

The room temperature can be set to not go below 10°C so that the room will not become too cold when unoccupied. This function can be activated only with a Wireless Remote Controller.

Low ambient operation

Low ambient operation