Split Systems Wall Mounted Designer Range (High Spec. & Design)


230V Single-phase


Split Systems Wall Mounted - Designer Range Features

Thin & Slim design

Big open panel and High density multi path heat exchanger

Thin and slim design is realized by high density multi-path heat exchanger and high efficiency wind blower.

Human sensor

Human sensor catches movements of people in a room, and operates with lower capacity when people leave the room. When people come back to the room, it automatically returns to previous operating mode.

Powerful heating

Rated heating capacity is maintained up to an outdoor temperature lower than -7 °C. This new model can operate even at -20 °C low outdoor temperature.

3 Mode timer (Weekly/Program/Sleep)

Low ambient operation

Weekly timer can be easily set by wireless remote controller. ON, OFF can be set up to 4 times in 1 day and up to 28 times in 1 week. For other modes, program timer and sleep timer can be also selected by one push.

Low ambient operation

Low ambient operation