Split Systems Wall Mount Standard Series (High Efficiency & Comfort)


230 V single phase


Highly efficient compact design

Improved effectiveness of heat exchanger

The thickness of the heat exchange tube has been reduced from 7 mm to 5 mm.

Greater heat exchanging capacity is achieved through the use of a high density heat exchanger and a sub heat exchanger.

More comfortable airflow Heating

Heating image

The up/down airflow provides powerful floor-level heating.

* Power diffuser

More comfortable airflow Cooling

Cooling image

The left/right airflow avoids blowing cool air directly at the occupants in a room.

* Power diffuser

Powerful operation

In powerful operation, the compressor operates at maximum speed for 20 minutes to provide a powerful airflow. It quickly cools or warms the room to the desired temperature.

Low noise mode for outdoor unit

A large movable front panel and a high-density, multi-path heat exchanger

Low noise mode for the outdoor unit can be selected by a Wireless Remote Controller.