Split Systems Wall Mounted Designer Series (Cool Beauty Design)



Cool Beauty Design

What we aim is a well-designed air conditioner especially for Europe. It is different from Japanese one harmonized with its surroundings and it appeals comfortable elegant feeling in the room. Light-elegant and three-dimensional expression composed of curved surface is beautiful from anywhere.


The texture of the front panel expresses craftmanship existing in Europe.The texture changes the expression by the changing light of the day.

High energy saving

Top class high efficiency is achieved by high efficient lamda heat exchanger, large cross flow fan and new refrigerant.

Hybrid-heat exchanger

Ø107 Large cross-flow fan

Comfortable airflow & Silent operation

The big louver and the new air blowing structure have attained a comfortable air flow that spreads wider to user’s feet and silent operation.

Smart Device control (Option)

This model can be controlled from anywhere using smart device by installing optional wireless LAN interface. Wireless LAN interface can be installed easily without specialized installation work.

When you add our Wireless Interface and FGLair app, you can control your home's cooling and heating anytime and anywhere.