High Static Pressure Duct ARXG54KHTB  [3Phase]

Indoor unit, Remote controller, Outdoor unit

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  • Easy installation (compact and lightweight)
  • Design that produces high static pressure
  • Low noise mode
  • Low ambient operation

Feature Icons

Economy mode: A thermostat setting is adjusted automatically according to the room temperature to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating. Auto changeover: The unit automatically switches between heating and cooling operations based on the set temperature and room temperature. Automatic fan speed: Microprocessor automatically adjusts the fan speed and airflow according to changes in room temperature. Auto restart: The unit automatically restarts in the previous operation mode when power returns after an outage. Weekly & Temperature setback timer: Sets temperature for two sets of On/Off times and for each day of the week. Filter sign: Indicates when the filter should be cleaned. Blue fin


Cooling   13.4 kW
Heating   15.5 kW


Power Source Phase 3 phase 3N
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity Cooling 13.4 (5.0 - 14.5) kW
Heating 15.5 (5.5 - 18.0) kW
Input Power Cooling 4.770 kW
Heating 4.180 kW
EER Cooling 2.81 W/W
COP Heating 3.71 W/W
Max. Operating Current Cooling 14.00 A
Heating 14.00 A
Moisture Removal 2.00 l/h
Sound Pressure Level*2 Indoor (Cooling) High 47 dB(A)
Middle 43 dB(A)
Low 40 dB(A)
Indoor (Heating) High 47 dB(A)
Middle 43 dB(A)
Low 40 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level*2 Outdoor (Cooling) High 57 dB(A)
Outdoor (Heating) High 59 dB(A)
Sound Power Level Indoor (Cooling) High 75 dB(A)
Indoor (Heating) High 74 dB(A)
Outdoor (Cooling) High 73 dB(A)
Outdoor (Heating) High 73 dB(A)
Airflow Rate Indoor (Cooling) High 3350 m³/h
Outdoor (Cooling) High 4450 m³/h
Static Pressure Range (standard) 100 - 250 (100) Pa
Net Dimensions
Height 400 mm
Width 1050 mm
Depth 500 mm
Net Dimensions
Height 998 mm
Width 940 mm
Depth 320 mm
Net Weight Indoor 46.0 kg
Outdoor 67.0 kg
Connection Pipe Diameter Liquid φ9.52 mm
Gas φ15.88 mm
Max. Pipe Length (Pre Charge) 50.0 (30.0) m
Max. Height Difference 30 m
Operation Range Cooling -15 to 46 °C DB
Heating -15 to 24 °C DB
Refrigerant Type R32
Global Warming Potential 675
Charge 2700 g (1.823 CO2eq–T)


Indoor Unit : ARXG54KHTB

Indoor unit