Split Systems Compact Cassette 4-way Flow (Compact & Comfort)


230 V single phase


2-stage turbo fan

High efficiency achieved by a 2-stage fan

Previous turbo fan

With a conventional fan, the air outlet range is narrow as airflow shifts toward the motor, making the velocity of the air passing through the heat exchanger fluctuate.

2-stage turbo fan

A newly designed 2-stage turbo fan produces 2 separate airflows to ensure even air distribution across the heat exchanger.

Improved airflow distribution

Louver: The curved louver distributes air evenly when it leaves the space between the chassis and the ceiling to enable airflow to be distributed farther and more widely.

Wider airflow distribution minimizes uneven temperature distribution in the room.

Quieter operation

The combination of the laminar type wing and the 7-blade design achieves quieter operation.

Low ambient operation