Multi Split Systems (Air Conditioner) 8 Rooms Multi


230V 1Phase
Cooling14 kW
Heating16 kW


High Efficiency & Compact

Compact outdoor unit

Example of 14kW class multi split model : 1290mm , New model [Height difference 29%] : 914mm

Innovated technology

High efficiency large fan

New high efficiency fan is mounted.

DC fan motor

High performance and high efficiency has been realized by using a small DC fan motor.

Heat exchanger

Reduced compact size and energy saving has been realized by utilizing high density piping design and 3-Row heat exchanger.

High efficiency DC twin rotary compressor

A high performance, low noise, large capacity DC twin rotary compressor is used.

High seasonal efficiency

The actual performance is conducted under various outside temperatures depending on weather and seasons, furthermore, especially for multi system, not all the rooms are operated all the time. So over 90% of actual operation time, air conditioners are operated at partial capacity instead of rated capacity. Considering these, we focused on energy-saving performance which is based on actual use. Efficiency of part load performance was drastically improved by developing ALL DC and our own inverter system.

EER4.75(50% load)

More Comfort

Quick comfort by optimized refrigerant control

Every room meets the set point most quickly and comfortably by optimized refrigerant control.

Central Remote Controller (Option)

Central remote controller developed for residential applications. All indoor units can be batched controlled using simple operations. Schedule management and other functions can be used to achieve even greater energy savings.

Central & Individual Control

Batched control of up to 8 indoor units. The temperature, airflow volume, and remote control prohibition settings of all indoor units can be batched.

User-friendly operation

  • Large backlight LED screen
  • Large easy-to-see operation panel

Multiple language support

Corresponds to 9 different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, and Turkish)

System configuration

Address setting is not required. Controllable 1multi system. Max. Controllable 8 indoor units. Address setting is not required*

When the indoor units are connected to a branch box, the address for each indoor unit is set automatically.

Cross-over connections are not allowed in the refrigerant system. Group settings are not allowed.

10ºC heat operation

When you leave, minimum heating operation is performed to maintain the room temperature (maintain at 10ºC).

Economy operation

Economy operation is energy saving, as the set temperature of indoor unit is shifted by 1°C and the maximum electric value of the outdoor unit is suppressed.

Prohibited Settings

The remote controller operation of all indoor units comes with a lock function to prevent unapproved operations in the various rooms. The central remote controller also has a key lock function to prevent children from playing with it, etc

Weekly schedule timer

The ON/OFF setting can be set for 4 times a day. Two weekly patterns can be set to match the cooling and heating seasons.

Low noise operation

Users can choose from 4 low noise levels, depending on the installation environment. The operation time can be set using the timer.

Flexible Design & Easy Installation

Large capacity connection

Up to 8 indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. A maximum of 130% indoor unit connectable capacity. Match any room layout.

Long piping design

Can be installed in high rise condominiums or commercial buildings.

All flare piping connection and simple installation that minimizes wiring mistakes.

Wiring mistake automatic check function : The check operation detects wiring mistakes in advance. / Simple wiring connection that is not cross connection : Wiring connection is the same as single split or multi type. / Simple all flare piping connection

Branch Box can be mounted flexibly.

Allowed Branch Box Mounting Direction

Hanging from the ceiling

Do not hang from the ceiling when performing a vertical installation.

Horizontal Wall Mounting

Install the unit with its top side facing upwards.

Vertical Wall Mounting

Install the unit with the control box facing upwards.