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Plasma Displays

Please be noted that the products introduced here are no longer in production.
The following contents are from the product launch announcement.


Fujitsu Plasmavision®– Technical Overview

Fujitsu Plasmavision is unashamedly an engineering company first and a product design company second. Fujitsu's engineers are pre-occupied with ensuring that the picture you see on its plasma screens and home cinema projectors is more accurate, more realistic and more faithful to its source than anything else on the market. And they have the awards to prove it, including an Emmy for Fujitsu's outstanding contribution to the development of plasma screen as a home cinema phenomenon.

A number of key technologies lie behind Fujitsu's home theatre products, most importantly the AVM video processor. Most are developed directly by Fujitsu engineers but, every now and then, we apply our home theatre know-how to a new display technology and bring Fujitsu's commitment to visual excellence to an unexplored area of the market.